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Bird Leader

Tony Eagle-Eye
Thanaphat Kinglek know as "Tony Eagle-Eye"

There are 5-6 guides working with " Thailand Bird Watching " or Nature and Bird Site Exploration Co., Ltd.

Tony Eagle Eye and his assistant. One of them will accompany you on your tour. A native of Krabi Province, Tony came to know local birds and their songs from exploration of local forests as a child with a slingshot. and he also has experience in calling mouse deer and birds to come out very close to him School taught him the importance of conservation of local flora and fauna, and he determined to one day become a guide.

He spent the next 10 years gaining experience as a guide for English and German-speaking visitors coming to Thailand for canoeing holidays. His friends thought he was mad, as all his free time was spent familiarizing him with the habitats of rare bird species, and learning their Latin and English names. But by 1999, Tony had saved enough money to establish his own business, and to obtain a license as a nationally- recognized guide.

With his well-established contacts Tony is able to facilitate bird-watching trips to any part of Thailand, with special local knowledge of the south of the country. He is able to arrange all necessary transport (include kayaks) and accommodation.

Tony is 100% into Bird Watching and Bird Photograph, his knowledge covers not only names of all the birds in Thailand, but their calls , songs, habitats, characteristics and patterns of behavior.

(Thanaphat Kinglek / Tony Eagle-Eye)
Mobile: 082-272-1127

E-mail: tony.thailandbirdwatching@gmail.com

Thanaphat Kinglek

Ingkayut Sa-ar or "David"

He is interested about natural history since very young.

He was born in Satun province, the southern Thailand on 28 February 1988. He started birding by himself since 1999. On 2004, during he have been studied in high school, he supervised at avian and ancient invertebrate fossil unit in Kampang wittaya school natural history museum that is a small natural history museum in Satun province.

On 2007, he attended at Faculty of forestry, Forest Biological Science, Kasetsart University, and finished education in 2012. And then, he used to be a volunteer in Thailand Natural history museum, Pathumtani province. In the museum, his duties are identification and verify species of avian specimens in collection. In the same year, he used to be assistant researcher in Lesser Adjutant Reintroduction Project of Khao Kheow open zoo more than six months, He collected data and monitor Lesser Adjutant's population on Koh Prathong, Phang Nga province.

On 2014, He started working as conservation officer at Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST). His duty is to collect data in fieldwork with many projects of BCST. Such as, Asian waterbird Census (AWC), Khao Yai bird Census, and even participated in Gurney's Pitta survey project with Wildlife research Division, Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation. Sometime, He wrote some articles about bird identification in BCST bulletin. Moreover, he also help BCST records committee for collecting birds record in Thailand.

Honours :
- The winner of bird quiz contest (university education) in Thailand Bird Fair 2008, 2009.
- First runner up of Taman Negara international bird race 2015, Taman Negara national park, Pahang, Malaysia.
- Champion of Fraser's Hill international bird race 2016, Pahang, Malaysia.

Article :
- Sa-ar, I., Kunnarong, J. & Dechochai, B. (2015) Rediscovery of Dusky Eagle Owl Bubo coromandus klossii in Thailand. BirdingAsia 24: 21-23.

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Mr. Somboon Sundote

Mr. Somboon Sundote

Bird Leader

Mr.Somboon Sundote or know as Boon, he is our Local Bird Leader from Northern Region, he was born some area near Doi Inthanon, he working for "Thailand Bird Watching" more than 5 years

Mr. Diaw (Mr.Tai's Son)

Mr. Diaw (Mr.Tai's Son)

Bird Leader

He is the expert bird leader of Mangrove trip infront of Krabi town.His knowlege covers not only the name of all the birds in the Mangrove Forest, but their calls and characteristic too.