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Thailand Bird Watching

We are Specialized in arranging Bird Watching Trips for visitors to Thailand.

Bird Watching in Thailand

If you are planning to visit Thailand, for business or pleasure, and would like an escorted trip to top Bird Watching sites around Thailand, then please browse through our website to see what we can offer.

We have the area's foremost Bird Watching guides with extensive experience and local knowledge, speaking English, German and Thai.

Come and enjoy Bird Watching and Bird Photograph with us! In Thailand you can observe some of the world's most rare species of birds, explore the countryside as well as experience the local culture. With our guides you can visit places that are off of the beaten track, yet wonderful to observe.

With 1,000 species of birds or about 1/10 of the worlds birds being found in Thailand, you have came to the right place!

Our programs can accommodate the beginner to the advanced birdwatcher. Experience wise, simply all you need is the love for the outdoors and nature.

With some much to offer: from bird watching, trekking, camping to photography tour we have many programs to choose from. We offer a side of Thailand that many visitors do not get a chance to experience with our fun filled 1 to 3 day programs. If 3 days are not enough, we can provide specialized programs to meet your every need..!

Bird Watching in Thailand
Bird Watching in Thailand

It took long time until human can understand how birds fly. Under the scientific principle, birds have major roles for the beliefs and that they use capabilities that human can hardly imitate.

At first time the human noticed the birds for forecasting the nature and for the explanation of weather in each doration. They also paid respect to the birds in hope of getting rid of the natural disaster.

Then the life in the sky of the birds have been watching by the human. The manners of birds are imitated in plays or even in the sacrifice ceremony which the participants decorate themselves with feathers.

However, their distinctiveness is not only to fly or only the appearance. Their life cycle is very unique the human learn to survive the like problem survival with far and harmony including having only one hasband or wife.

In the far and large horizon the extent of the sky is still the same, the worse atmospheres replaces, which is the black shadow that is destroying the peacefulness of the sky.

The human is affected unavoidably, birds that are living in the sky are also affected as well. Their homes are being destroyed by bad pollution continually.

At present the numbers of the birds in the sky are diminished obviously, especially in the large city like Bangkok which is covered with the mists. Birds migrate to live in the fertile areas. However, it does not mean that birds are successfull in escaping from the destruction. To adjust themselves from white to black rapidly becomes the factor that narrows the chance of survival. The survivors are decreased in number and the balance of nature.

Life cycle that reoccurs after the adjustment for survival by accepting the pollution as a factor of life is the quit extreme and must take carefull step, however it is not important like to struggle today life for the next challenge.

Bird watching is other activity that observing the change of the enviroment and to create realization of nature conservation. Therefore, records the impression on the paper and leaves only footprint in the forest and not establish destruction as a memorial.

Extinct birds

Birds hunting and forest encroachment and last few year made 100 kinds of bird are in danger. 5 of them are extinct which are White-souldered Ibis, Large Grass Warbler, Milky Stork, Giant Ibis and Sarus Crane.

Almost extinct birds

20 kinds in the siad 100 kinds are almost extinct and 40 of them are very hard to be found. It means that they are in the crisis and it tends that the encroachment is carrying on. Therefore, to realize about this kind of natural resources are our duties to conserve.

There are 3 laws concerning bird protection:

1st volume-Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act B.E 2535 which provides that all kinds of birds are wildlife and must be protected under the law. No hunting and possession are allowed unless being permitted by the authority.

2nd volume-Cites Convention is the trade agreement between countries controlling the trade of almost extinct wildlife and birds, which Thailand joined in 1983.

3rd volume-Ramsar Convention is the agreement for international for conserving the humidity areas that are the dwelling places the birds, which Thailand joined in 1998.

Mr. Thanaphat Kinglek

Mr. Thanaphat Kinglek

Tony Eagle-Eye

Tony is 100% into Bird Watching and Bird Photograph, his knowledge covers not only names of all the birds in Thailand, but their calls , songs, habitats, characteristics and patterns of behavior.

Mr. Somboon Sundote

Mr. Somboon Sundote

Bird Leader

Mr.Somboon Sundote or know as Boon, he is our Local Bird Leader from Northern Region, he was born some area near Doi Inthanon, he working for "Thailand Bird Watching" more than 5 years

Mr. Somchart Boontha

Mr. Somchart Boontha

Bird Leader

Mr.Somchart Boontha or know as Charlie He is Local Bird leader of Doi Inthanon, Somchart know local birds and their songs from exploration and he accompany with Tony and " Thailand Bird Watching" more than 10 year, and also he can lead the groups around Thailand too.

Mr. Diaw (Mr.Tai's Son)

Mr. Diaw (Mr.Tai's Son)

Bird Leader

He is the expert bird leader of Mangrove trip infront of Krabi town.His knowlege covers not only the name of all the birds in the Mangrove Forest, but their calls and characteristic too.