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Thailand Bird Watching, We specialize in arranging birdwatching trips  for visitors to Thailand. If you are planning to visit Thailand, for business or pleasure,  and would like an escorted trip to top birding sites around Thailand,then please browse through our website to see what we can offer.
We have the area’s foremost  Bird Watching guides with extensive experience and local knowledge, speaking  English, German and Thai.

Come and enjoy Bird Watching and Bird Photograph with us!  In Thailand you can  observe some of the world's most rare species of birds, explore the countryside as  well as experience the local culture. With our guides you can visit places that are off  of the beaten track, yet wonderful to observe.
Bird Watching in Thailand

What do you focus on when looking into the sky?

Just watching the while small and large clouds that are slowly moved by the wind or watching tree tops or sunlight reflects the object or other being that are freely like"Birds"

Birds have been watching by the human since ancient time, which human wondered why the bird can fly in the sky without being worried about the gravity. Moreover,they possess wonderfull bodies that develop both hands into wings.Read More
Bird Watching in Paradise

With 1,000 species of birds or about 1/10 of the worlds birds being found in Thailand,  you have came to the right place!

Our programs can accommodate the beginner to the advanced birdwatcher.  Experience wise, simply all you need is the love for the outdoors and nature.

With some much to offer: from bird watching, trekking, camping to photography tour we have many programs to choose  from. We offer a side of Thailand that many visitors do  not get a chance to experience with our fun filled 1 to 3 day programs. If 3 days are not enough, we can provide specialized programs to  meet your every need..!
Combo Tours-Thailand Wildlife Sightings & Bird Watching
Combo Tours-Thailand Wildlife Sightings & Bird Watching 9 Days
 Come and enjoy with our Wildlife Sightings and Bird watching packages program in Khao Yai, Kaeng Krachan,Pala-Au Waterfall and Kui Buri, This is our new program for Nature  Lovers and Bird Watchers. Read More

Bird Watching Tours
Ultimate Thailand Bird Watching -Trans Thailand
Ultimate Thailand Bird Watching 35 Days-Trans Thailand
With our Ultimate Thailand Bird watching 35 days, you'll see more bird
in difference top bird watching site in Central. Read More

Classic Tours-Thailand Bird Watching
Classic Tours-Thailand Bird Watching 25 Days
Join us for unforgettable tour,Around the 3 Classic bird watching destination in Central,North,North East. Read More


Bird Watching Package Southern Thailand

South Thailand Bird Watching

South Thailand Bird Watching 9 Days Come and enjoy with our bird watching packages

Thale Ban Bird Watching

Thale Ban Bird Watching Thale Ban national park , one of a few remaining rain

Khao Pu-Khao Ya Bird Watching

Khao Pu-Khao Ya Bird Watching Khao Pu - Khao Ya National Park is in Ban Nai

Thale Noi Bird Watching

Thale Noi Bird Watching Thale Noi-Patthalung is a swamp area, one of the larg

Khao Luang Bird Watching

Khao Luang (Krung Ching)Bird Watching       More

Khao Sok Bird Watching by Canoeing

Khao Sok Bird Watching by Canoeing This magnificent national park, is within

Explore Hornbill in Sri Phang-Nga & Khao Sok

Explore Hornbill in Sri Phang-Nga & Khao Sok Khao Sok is one of the best

Sri Phang-Nga and Khao Sok Bird Watching

Sri Phang-Nga & Khao Sok Bird Watching 3 days Sri Phang-Nga National Park

Koh Libong Bird Watching

Koh Libong Bird Watching Koh Libong khow as the biggest island in Trang provi

Explore Nicobar Pigeon at Similan Island

Explore Nicobar Pigeon at Similan Island Nicobar Pigeons are easy found in Si

Explore Frigatebird at Ko Phi Phi

Explore Frigatebird at Phi Phi Island Phi Phi island locates on Thumbon Ao Na

Krabi Bird Watching

 Khao Nor Chuchi Bird Watching 3 days A Lowland forested park of 150sq km, Khao

Hala Bala Bird Watching

Hala Bala Bird Watching Narathiwat has a balance of natural delights and cult

Bird Watching Package Central Thailand

Explore Spoon-billed Sandpiper

Explore Spoon-billed Sandpiper Khok Kham is an area of salt pans located in

Kaeng Krachan Bird Watching

Kaeng Krachan Bird Watching 3 days Nestled on the western brink of the countr

Explore Hornbill in Khao Yai

Explore Hornbill in Khao Yai Rising to an elevation 1,351 m, Khao Yai is one

Khao Yai Bird Watching

  Khao Yai Bird Watching 3 days Khao Yai National Park is Thailand's

Thailand Bird Watching 15 Days

Thailand Bird Watching 15 Days Although bird-watching has been a popular acti

Bird Watching Package Northern Thailand

Doi Angkhang Bird Watching

Doi Angkhang Bird Watching 3 days Doi Angkhang is one of the best bird watchi

Doi Lang Bird Watching

Doi Lang Bird Watching 7 days Doi Lang the located in Pong Nam Ron Sub-distri

Doi Inthanon Bird Watching

Doi Inthanon Bird Watching 3 days Home to Thailand's highest mountain of 2,53

North Thailand Bird Watching

  North Thailand Bird Watching 7 days Enjoy a fantastic bird watchingin
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