Thailand Bird Watching

We specialize in arranging Bird Watching Trips for visitors to Thailand. If you are planning to visit Thailand, for business or pleasure, and would like an escorted trip to top Bird Watching sites around Thailand, then please browse through our website to see what we can offer.

We have the area's foremost Bird Watching guides with extensive experience and local knowledge, speaking English, German and Thai.

Come and enjoy Bird Watching and Bird Photograph with us! In Thailand you can observe some of the world's most rare species of birds, explore the countryside as well as experience the local culture. With our guides you can visit places that are off of the beaten track, yet wonderful to observe.

With 1,000 species of birds or about 1/10 of the worlds birds being found in Thailand, you have came to the right place!

Our programs can accommodate the beginner to the advanced birdwatcher. Experience wise, simply all you need is the love for the outdoors and nature.

With some much to offer: from bird watching, trekking, camping to photography tour we have many programs to choose from. We offer a side of Thailand that many visitors do not get a chance to experience with our fun filled 1 to 3 day programs. If 3 days are not enough, we can provide specialized programs to meet your every need..!